Did you know?

North Americans consume some 18 billion quarts of popcorn per year

Popcorn is naturally gluten free

Popcorn is a whole grain product

More homes purchase popcorn in the Fall, than any other time of the year.

Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn contains no gluten, no nuts, no dairy, no trans-fat, no cholesterol and no artificial flavours, ingredients, colours, or preservatives

Popcorn comes in two basic shapes:  Mushroom, because it does not crumble, and Butterfly.

Popcorn requires between 13-14% moisture to pop

Americans consume more popcorn than the citizens of any other country

January 19th is National Popcorn Day, April 7th is Caramel Popcorn Day, and October is National Popcorn Month

Popcorn’s scientific name is “Zea mays everta”

Unpopped kernels are called “old maids” and “spinsters”

The first commercial popcorn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in Chicago, who patented the device in 1893

Popcorn (along with all other varieties of corn) is a member of the grass family

Popcorn can pop up to three feet in the air when it bursts during cooking

Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn uses only four simple ingredients: premium mushroom popping corn, popped in 100% pure canola oil, kissed with pure cane sugar, and natural sea salt.

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