What folks are saying

What folks are saying

An incredible flavour! Sweet, but not too sweet. Salty, but not too salty. With a real taste of corn. Fantastic


I have been buying Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn for three years.  It is my favourite go-to- snack; the combination of sweet and salty as well as the use of all-natural ingredients makes it the best popcorn I have ever had.  My entire family – daughters, sons-in-law and grandkids – love it too.  As a matter of fact, we took a large bag to our grandson at university during exam week.  It was a great snack for him when he was studying.   I am a diabetic, and a real plus for me is the low carbohydrate/low sugar value of a serving size (a generous 21/2 cups).  I can enjoy it without worrying about its effects on my blood sugar.  It is the perfect tasty, crunchy, guilt- free snack. THANK YOU for making such a wonderful product!

Val S. Customer

By far the BEST Kettle Corn I have ever tasted in my life

M.E. Customer

It has everything: crunchy, salty, sweet, and melts in your mouth


I’m on a diet programme. Only three points in 2.5 cups.

H.S. Customer

My kids school uses it for snack days because it’s nut and peanut free.

J.S. Customer

I am on a Gluten Free diet.  Finally a snack that tastes great.

Shirley B. Customer

The name Indulge Gourmet say’s it all.  Great wholesome snack.  A great guilt free snack.  Keep some at my office.

Marla B. Customer

This snack is amazing. The crunch and taste are addictive.

Cheryl Customer

I recently bought some  amazing kettle corn at HomeSense in Cambridge and  loved it. It was the best popcorn I have ever had and I love the fact the  ingredient list was small and there are no preservatives which is fantastic!

Carla A. Customer