Meet Allan

[space px=”20″]Born and raised in Toronto, I had what was considered the usual schedule to follow growing up. I went to school, came home, watched some TV, and then did homework. I had dinner, more homework and more TV.


After graduating from high school I was off to college for two years of Marketing and Business. My father was a buyer for a national retailer. When I was very young I used to go with him on Saturdays to different suppliers. I sat and listened as to what years later would be the typical buyer on one side, the seller on the other side, and the negotiation in the middle. It was fascinating, the true definition of sales equaling business. I guess that’s when I first got the “business bug”.

College was great. It taught me many valuable tools which I use to this day. But to me it was all theory. I wanted to talk to business owners who would deal in the reality. I asked a lot of questions to business owners who had the foresight and experience in business that I could only dream of achieving. One comment that was common among all these business owners was that no matter how the world would evolve with technology, there was not any computer or machine that would replace negotiation and sales. It is what made business then, now, and the future. They said believe in your product. Know your product.

With college over it was time to find a job. Somewhere I could sell and utilize my skills. I had the personality for it. And I was good at it. I had sales jobs from the clothing to housewares.

One day in 2009 I decided it was time to start my OWN business. It was time to utilize all my knowledge from school and my various sales jobs. The food business always interested me. After all, everyone needs to eat! One day my wife brought home a bag of popcorn called Kettle Corn. It was sweet and salty. It tasted great. I went searching the aisles of grocery stores for this wonderful Kettle Corn. To my surprise, I could not find it. I did market research. I spoke to food consultants, ingredient suppliers, packaging companies, graphic designers, and made endless contacts who gave me their time to teach and help me.

I found my product, had the confidence there would be a market and demand, and believed I could sell it. I secured a small manufacturing facility, and a large machine to pop the corn. With the encouragement and confidence of my wife Brenda and my son Matthew, they watched as I made the first batch. Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn was born.