Many families schedule a game night or family fun night to bring each member of the household together for a little face time.

Allan Eisen, founder of Indulge Gourmet Kettle Corn, simply quit his day job and began his own business. Starting from scratch, the unique opportunity of entering the business of niche foods would involve the help of the entire family, and during the first few months of getting things off the ground, allow him to spend more time with his son.

“I was 16. After finishing homework I would go down into the basement and help dad with labelling and packing boxes,” said Matt Eisen. “I did that for a few months. It was kind of strange because during those moments he is my jobs hiring near me dad, boss, supervisor and co-worker. If I did things too slowly I was grounded,”

The sweet, light treat and the company behind it is an Eisen family recipe. Not only did the clan decide on the proper amounts of ingredients through countless rounds of taste tests, Allan’s wife Brandi has also handled the business books since day one as the company accountant.


Nobody in the family had even tried kettle corn before finding themselves at a festival in Bala, in 200X. There was a vendor there with a kettle corn machine and Brandi grabbed a bag. Before you knew it the bag was empty and they were filling up another round.

The family returned home with the sweet taste of the freshly popped treat in their mouths and the business wheels began turning towards a possible future endeavour. Years in the liquidation field gifted Allan with a keen sense for business and with the first weeks of the recession already drying up many of his liquidation prospects, it was his business sense that told him a career move was wise if not inevitable.

Always interested in manufacturing, Allan thought, “Why not kettle corn? Even during a recession people are going to snack and I felt this was a product not really being offered in the local market.”
So with that, the Eisens purchased a kettle corn machine and the numerous test runs began to create the perfect blend of popcorn, corn oil, sugar and sea salts. The Eisen kitchen became a kettle corn cookery day and night, and when the kettle wasn’t popping, the Eisen men were packing and shipping.

The procedure quickly became an all-night event, attempting to keep up with what quickly became a high demand for this irresistibly sweet and salty new snack item.


In 2009, the family business moved out of the Eisen kitchen. In 2011 Allan introduced the smaller, 30g single-serving bag to overwhelming success. Now, with larger manufacturing and distribution capabilities, school snack programs on board, and hundreds of bags of the kettle corn shipped each week, Allan is getting ready to introduce exciting new programs and products into his growing Indulge Gourmet family.

Stay tuned for new corporate and referral programs, a birthday club, monthly spotlights and some very exciting new flavours.